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Friday, February 13, 2009

Putting It Online

My one and only new years resolution this year was that i would try and become more social on the internet. I have been involved with computers and the internet for a lot of years now and have watched this whole social network/blogosphere world grow into what it is today with out really getting to involved. I never thought anyone would really be interested in what i had to say. That and I never wanted to put myself out there on the internet, I always liked keeping a low profile.

Well those days are over. Its obvious to me now that this new media world is not going away and its time i start to embrace it. This blog will be the start of that.

As for what kind of topics i'll be posting on, I have not decided. I have a ton of technical articles i want to write, but i may post those on a separate blog with a more professional theme. For now this will just be my personal blog for posting things in my day. Lets see where it goes from there.